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These five hot steamy stories feature powerful dragons, who were exiled by their clan because they were reckless and wild and how they break all rules to meet and protect their mates.

NATALIE and JUDE will be the first ones you’ll meet…

used to be a brother, son, protector. Now, I’m a shadow. Exiled from my clan of dragon-shifters, I drift among the humans without purpose or belonging. My inner dragon snaps and snarls as it struggles to adapt, but like me, it has no choice—this is our life now.The only human either of us can tolerate is Natalie, owner of the Buck’s Head Lodge.

Her quiet strength and distracting beauty remind me of the fierce women I grew up with. But they were my trusted friends, lovers, and equals. As a human, Natalie can never know who I truly am.Trouble is brewing, but I can’t afford to get involved. I’m a shadow, not a hero—even if my secrecy ends up costing Natalie her life.Hiding in exile, I’m forced to conceal my supernatural powers from the humans at all costs.

When my inner-dragon roars in frustration, the only thing that calms the beast is the soft laughter of the local innkeeper, Natalie. I trust the girl more than I should, but I can never risk revealing my true, monstrous, identity. Until evil comes knocking, and I’m forced to choose between a sacred oath, or an innocent young woman’s life.


Brace yourself for powerful shifters, fated mates, scandals, and danger in these five steamy books that will keep you wanting more.

Book One: Alpha Dragon’s Sold Bride

My parents sold me to a stranger.
And then I was promised to a man that I’d never met before.
A dragon shifter who needed a wife to ascend to alpha position.
He’s about to be my first.
An arranged marriage that leads to a secret baby.
The complications and danger with this arrangement could never let our love succeed.

Book Two: Alpha Wolf Son’s Claimed Bride

I was supposed to fake marry a man I knew I could never love.
But it was the timing that made me fall for another.
A man that I wanted to give my innocence to.
He was a wolf shifter and completely forbidden.
But that didn’t stop me from following my heart.
It didn’t stop him from trying to save me from a kidnapping.
But would he be able to claim me as his?

Book Three: Alpha Panther’s Kidnapped Bride

Taking my father’s place as alpha meant having to find a fake bride.
This matchmaking service was perfect for a powerful panther shifter like me.
But instead of trusting the owner to find me a match, I fell in love with her instead.
What followed was obsession, and a feeling that we were destined to be together.
She’s going to be way more than a fake bride.
But first, I have to protect her and claim her as my real wife.

Book Four: Alpha Bear’s Bride Secret Baby

I was still innocent, and I wasn’t ready for him.
But Trevor’s daughter brought us closer.
She’s adorable.
And as loving as her bear shifter father.
But life wasn’t supposed to go easy on us.
The dangers tore us apart.
I needed to be rescued.
And Trevor was my only family.
The only man who’d think to rescue me.
But did he feel the same way about me?

Book Five: Alpha Dragon’s Destined Bride

I work for the Syndicate and I’ve been asked to kidnap her.
The woman I see giving myself to forever.
I’m the one who needs to protect her.
But instead, it’s my duty to take her.
Molly is part-witch. She can see our future.
She knows that I’m coming for her.
But does this mean that we’ll ever defeat our enemies and end up together?

Each book in this sexy-as-sin series can each be read as standalones, and has no cliffhangers, but are best read in order.

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Shifters MateDate Agency

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Get ready to lose yourself in these six steamy stories featuring irresistible shifters. Binge read and find out how they claim their mates and get their HEAs against all odds. Love isn’t easy, but these men will never back down.

Book 1: Wolf Daddy MateDate

Someone’s betrayal turned me from a wolf shifter into a werewolf. I became a stone-cold demon.
After the pain that my ex-wife caused me, Melanie is the last woman I should’ve been matched with at a dating agency.
She was forbidden, tempting, my son’s teacher.
And my job was to protect her against all odds, then make her mine.
For the rest of eternity.

Book 2: Hero Bear’s MateDate

She’s the love of my life but there’s no way she would accept the monster that I am.
A bear shifter and an assassin.
Her only mission is to avenge the death of her father and my only obsession is to make her mine.
To keep her safe, as long as I’m still breathing.

Book 3: Dragon’s Fated MateDate

As a dragon shifter, it’s easy for me to protect her from her father.
But first I need to shield her from a potential fake husband.
After she approached a dating agency so she could get fake married, I have to vow to keep her safe and make sure that she still belongs to me.

Book 4: Lion’s Second Chance MateDate

I saw her after 13 long years, only to discover a lifechanging secret.
I’m a lion shifter, and Julie is the mother of my child. A child that I knew nothing about. I’m obsessed with her and with keeping my family safe.
But what if I never get the second chance that we deserve?

Book 5: Billionaire Wolf’s MateDate

I was in love with my best friend’s sister.
And as a billionaire wolf shifter, I desperately wanted to claim her as my mate.
Things got complicated when a dating agency matched us, and I found out that we already had a marriage contract in place.
She was forbidden and things were getting ugly, but I wasn’t about to back down without a fight.

Book 6: Wolf’s Fake Marriage MateDate

I was blackmailed to kidnap her, but Samantha was able to soften the heart of an alpha wolf shifter.
Protecting her from our common enemy was my mission.
And making her mine, my obsession.
There were a lot of dangers, a whole lot of lies, but that would never stop our love from passing the test.

Note: All books in the series can be read as standalones with a HEA and no cliffhangers.


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Prequel to Shifters MateDate Agency

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